Almo Nature joins Vital Pet Products on the Vital Gallery at PATS Telford 2018.

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Almo Nature joins Vital Pet Products on the Vital Gallery at PATS Telford 2018.

London, Sept 10th 2018 – Almo Nature, the pet food produced with natural ingredients that returns 100% of its profits to cats, dogs and biodiversity, will be joining Vital Pet on the Vital Gallery at PATS Telford 2018 to demonstrate its support for the trade’s leading wholesaler.

Almo Nature will be offering exclusive deals that won’t be available anywhere else. The deals include a 25% discount* available from 23rd to 28th of September 2018 on HFC pet food range for cats and dogs, which includes more than 70 references, as well as the new Alternative recipes wet & dry, all packed with the best quality ingredients originally fit for human consumption and free from meat meal or dehydrated meat.

Trade Customers who will place their transfer orders for Almo Nature at Vital Gallery on Sept 23rd and Sept 24th2018 will also benefit of an extra 10% discount** that will be applied to all their future Almo Nature’ orders via Vital Pet from October 1st until December 31st2018.

*for orders including min 5 assorted references (max 10 cases per single reference)

** Cumulable with other Almo Nature offers available via Vital Pet.

Visit Almo Nature in the Vital Gallery at PATS Telford.

Sunday 23 Sept: 9:30 – 17:00 — Monday 24 Sept: 9:30 – 16:00

Contacts-orders: , or telephone 01837 883000.

About Almo Nature:
Specialising in dog and cat food, Almo Nature was founded in 2000 thanks to the intuition and experience of Pier Giovanni Capellino, a long-time entrepreneur in the field. Almo Nature, the first company to introduce pet food  that entirely consists out of ingredients fit for human consumption (HFC), revolves its ‘philosophy around the quality and origin of the ingredients used for its dog and cat food, in order to formulate recipes according “to their point of view” which has been the official positioning statement for years.

More recently, Almo Nature introduced the world’s first HFC kibble for dogs and cats under the name aLternative and revolutionised the cat litter market with the launch of its innovative CatLitter.

Spurred on by love and respect for nature and our companion animals, Almo Nature’ founder, Pier Giovanni Capellino decided to use all company profits, from January 2018 onwards, to invest in solidarity projects for dogs, cats and biodiversity. This was achieved through the creation of a newfoundation: Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation) and the start of a new positioning start for the Almo Nature brand: owned by the animals.

To find out more about Almo Nature and Capellino Foundation, visit

About Vital Pet Products:
Vital Pet Products have over 35 years’ experience of wholesaling to the independent specialist pet and aquatic trade. In February 2017, Vital was acquired by the Subura Group.

The company’s dedicated fleet services a national delivery network using some of the latest technology to drive operational efficiency. Top brand products, often sourced through exclusive deals, are made available to the trade, with a focus on value and quality.

Vital’s expert knowledge of the pet sector and operational efficiency ensures that it is best placed to work in partnership with suppliers and independent retailers to drive sales growth. People who work at Vital are empowered to make the decisions that drive value for customers and are rewarded for developing innovative solutions.

To find out more about Vital, visit or telephone 01837 883000.

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