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1 Tree Cards are using greeting cards as a vehicle for positive change! Each 100% recycled card comes with the planting of 1 tree and a flower seed token that can be planted to grow bee-friendly flowers.

We believe that cutting trees down to make cards (in most cases a single-use item) is a little silly! In the UK, we have more paper waste than we know what to do with so using recycled materials to make these cards, gives our waste somewhere useful (and beautiful) to go.

By supporting planting projects around the world, we can help to uplift communities hit by mass deforestation and poverty. Local people are paid fair wages to manage projects and plant/care for trees. This in turn strengthens their economies. Plus women are employed which in turn increases gender equality.

Did we mention that planting forests creates habitats for wildlife and of course helps the planet we all call home? The benefits of tree planting goes on and on…

Since launching in 2018, 1 Tree Cards have planted over 220,000 trees. They have now expanded to include a range of other stationery products and are constantly bringing out new designs to appeal to different styles and tastes.

Be part of the change and join the TREEVOLUTION!