Help us make these cat toys reality: Minoumi – Designed Cat Toys Kickstarter campaign

Hi everyone,

As many of you know we don’t often do shoutouts for Kickstarter / Crowdfunding campaigns but every once in awhile we do come across a campaign that deserves to be shared!

Minoumi cat toys are one of these rare exceptions. When we came across Clara Scharping’s campaign we just knew that we had to help her raise the funds to make these cat toys reality.

Just as she describes in her campaign we and other fellow cat lovers are in the same boat we want to provide our little fur-friends with as many toys as we can but what if we invite over friends that are not cat crazy? Yes there is always the option to “get rid” of the non cat people but let’s face it that’s not going to happen. 😉

This is why her idea of making cat toys that are not just perfectly designed for the hunting instinct of our cats but also fit in a stylish home just perfect!

Please help us in making these toys reality by backing the campaign or sharing our post / tweet etc to raise awareness of this fantastic cat toy crowdfunding campaign!

Full details of the kickstarter campaign can be found below:

The following quoted text is by Clara Scharping and describes her Kickstarter campaign

We love cats and we love design!

At Minoumi – Designed Cat Toys we are combining these two things and developed a new series of catnip toys. Our toys are providing lots of fun for cats and for their humans, too – we designed our cat toys for catlovers, who really care for Interior-, product-, graphic- and fasiondesign.

But Minoumi isn’t just about cool looking design! Our catnip toys are pyramid shaped and constantly moving. With our functional and well designed toys we want to improve the live of our beloved feline friends by creating an environment for our cats, that keeps them happy, healthy and busy – without compromising our own sense of style and design.

Please support our idea on Kickstarter – the world’s biggest crowdfunding community!

We would also appreciate your help in sharing our campaign with your friends and family. Please post the campaign URL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. The more people are aware of Minoumi, the smoother our kickstarter launch period will go.
(Facebook: @Minoumi.Cats / Instagram: @minoumi.cats / Twitter: @MinoumiCats / Youtube: Minoumi – Designed Cat Toys)

Thank you so much for your support!

This post first appeared on Katzenworld Blog.

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