Mayhew Launches Christmas Campaign

Mayhew Launches Christmas Campaign

London-based animal welfare charity, Mayhew, has launched its Christmas campaign, ‘I am NOT an Impulse Buy’, to raise awareness of the increasing trend of pets ending up abandoned after being bought online and via apps.

The 131-year-old charity, which provides help to homeless, neglected and abandoned animals, as well as supporting pet owners, collaborated with Ravensbourne University to produce the campaign video.

The video tells the story of a fictional young man purchasing a puppy on an app as a present. As is often the case, the seller offers no background information on the dog, so it isn’t apparent it has a pre-existing health condition. In the film, the man takes the poorly puppy to Mayhew’s Community Vet Clinic to be checked over, where it is discovered that the condition is likely to require ongoing, long-term treatment. The man wasn’t prepared for this when he bought the dog and comes to the difficult decision that it would be best for the dog’s future to be given up to Mayhew, who would find her a family who can provide life-long care.

The campaign, which will run until the 1st January 2018, aims to raise awareness of the increasing trend of buying pets impulsively online and via apps and later ending up in rescue shelters. The animal welfare charity is urging potential owners to be responsible and consider adopting an animal from a rescue centre instead.

To further highlight the issue, the charity will also be sharing real-life stories of animals that were bought online and ended up in the care of Mayhew on their website and social media channels using the campaign hashtag #IamNOTanImpulseBuy.

Mayhew’s Head of Animal Welfare, Zoe Edwards, said: “There are already so many unwanted animals in rescue centres like ours that have come from people who buy pets on a whim, without taking into consideration the responsibilities and needs of the pet.”

“When considering a new pet you should always think carefully about whether you will be able to look after them correctly.”

Lack of research before getting a pet means many owners have an incomplete understanding of what a pet needs for a healthy, happy life. They should be aware of the five animal welfare needs that must be met, which include the need for a suitable diet and environment and to be protected from pain, injury, disease and suffering.

As well as raising awareness, Mayhew hopes to inspire supporters to forego browsing apps for impulse buys and instead send a quick text to donate and help more animals who end up in their care. You can make an instant donation by texting “PAWS32 £5” or your chosen amount up to £10 to 70070.

For more information on Mayhew’s ‘I am NOT an Impulse Buy’ campaign, visit

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