Pause Cat Cafe will host a memorial event for people to commemorate loved ones (human or animal) who have passed away. The event will take place on the 9th of May, at Pause Cat Cafe from 12 pm – 4 pm.

Guests can book an hour to come to the cafe and remember someone they have loved and lost. They will be able to honour their special someone through Pause’s mural; with a message, memory or photo of their loved one.

Those unable to attend the event are still able to participate. The  ‘Pause to Remember’ mural wall can be added to throughout the entire week in the cafe and Pause is inviting people to participate on social media by sharing photos, videos or memories using #PauseToRemember. People will also be able to download cards to use at home to write their own tribute to a lost loved one.

Pause was created to be a peaceful retreat for humans and animals to connect with each other. The cafe  cats are doted on 24-7, which has helped their  12 rescues recover from rough starts in life. Cats are known to reduce people’s stress and boost positive emotion by increasing serotonin and oxytocin ‘the love hormone’.  The cafe owner Jaya was helped through the grief of losing her best friend by her own rescue cat, which is what inspired her to create Pause as a place for humans and animals to heal. The cafe is now home to a rescue cat named Michelle, after Jaya’s friend who passed away on the 9th May.

The event is fundraising for local charities and the cost is just the normal £5 entry to the cafe. Guest are welcome to book tickets through Pause’s website or through an email to

Jaya Da Costa – Owner of Pause Cat Cafe says “‘This event is to let our community know they are not alone in grief. Connecting with others who are going through the same experience can really help.’”

“We often have visits from those who wish to cherish, celebrate, and share memories of a departed loved one (either animal or human)”

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