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4cats Premium Motif Cushion

What smells so alluring here? That has to be the new 4catsnip premium motif cushions.

This new and improved version of the 4cats range comes with the addition of strings & tassels to encourages cats that have more of a hunting instinct to engage with the toys.

Each toy comes in a nice display box that can also be used to store your toy in between uses.

The cut-out design is chosen at random, please state a preference during check-out and we will try to fullfill this accordingly.

Available in Catnip or Valerian filing.

4cats Cuddly Cushion “Halloween Design Limited Edition”

Our  4cats Halloween cuddly pillow made of cotton ensures long-lasting sniffing and playing fun. Due to the soft filling made of cotton fleece and the handy size, it can be taken between the paws, played with and licked or carried to an undisturbed place to cuddle. There, your furry friend can indulge in the stimulating scent of valerian or the aroma of our specially developed catnip recipe (4catsnip) .

Available with 4catsnip catnip or valerian . You will receive the motifs and colours depending on availability .

Size: approx. 7.5 x 10 x 1.5 cm

Can be delivered as a single, set of 4 or 10.

4cats – Christmas Cat Wrestler With Catnip or Valerian

The elves from the 4cats Christmas workshop have something special for you and your cat: Our cat wrestler are now available in an edition to match the festive season. Whether a well-behaved cuddly cat or a little predator, this toy is the perfect gift for every cat.

Colossal play fun for colossal hunters. The big wrestler is filled with valerian or our own 4catsnip catnip mix for a special kick. You will receive the motifs and colours depending on availability.

Available in Catnip or Valerian filing.

4cats – Xmas Rustling Cushion with Catnip or Valerian

Ho ho ho. What’s that rustling noise? Is it Father Christmas sliding down the chimney and handing out presents? No, it’s the 4cats rustling cushion in the festive Christmas version.

When your cat hears this big rustling cushion and the irresistible valerian or 4catsnip smell wafts around their nose, they will certainly quickly demand the XXL pillow from 4cats. With a size of 15 cm x 20 cm, the pillow is big enough to rub their head and body against it and absorb as much of the irresistible aroma as possible. You will receive the motifs and colours according to availability.

4cats – Premium Rustling Cushion With Catnip or Valerian

What has a nice smell and rustles? If your ‚Äėfront room tiger‚Äô hears this big rustling cushion and the irresistible fragrance of either catnip or valerian gets up their nose, they‚Äôll definitely soon make this their favourite toy. This new and improved range comes with the 4cats signature string & tassle attachment that are colour co-ordinated to the valerian or catnip filling.

The addition of the strings & tassel encourages especially the little hunters in the feline world to dig their claws and teeth into our toy.

Available in Catnip or Valerian filing and either as a single toy or 3 pack. Colour chosen at random