Top gaming apps for cat lovers

Although many would claim that the internet was established to aid humans achieve greater communicative powers, most cat owners will know that the internet’s main purpose is to help us share our love of our furry friends.

But it’s not just YouTube videos of cats playing the sitar that have had us enraptured, as last year saw a wave of feline-based online games to help us develop our love for the amazing world of cats!

Japan is a nation that’s renowned for its affinity for cats. From cat cafes to surreal gameshows that feature weight-lifting cats, Japan is a go-to place for anybody wishing to develop their cat obsessions.


So it’s only suitable that Japan should have created the world’s best-loved cat computer game. The hugely-popular Neko Atsume allows players to win by luring stray cats into their yard through a collection of treats and toys. For a long time the game was only available in Japanese, but with an English version of Neko Atsume finally becoming available, it’s now easier than ever to collect the cats and hunt down some golden sardines!


Some other cat games follow a more traditional format. The Kitty Glitter game at allows players to win big cash prizes through the slot-gaming exploits that feature an array of fun and furry motifs, whereas the Grumpy Cat gaming app allows the sour-faced internet feline celebrity to cast scorn upon your puzzling exploits in a way that’s a lot more fun than most online puzzle games!

If you were in any doubt as to whether last year was the year of the cat, then 2015 also saw breakthroughs in the games for cats too. The catfood brand Friskies developed a series of feline-friendly games designed to keep your cat entertained through your mobile device.

Such games included the Cat Fishing 2 game that displayed a pond teeming with cat-baiting fish on your tablet, whereas Jitterbug allowed your cat to attack your smartphone screen in a bid to catch some computer-generated insect life.

So whether you’re collecting cats in a hyper-cute Japanese gaming app, winning big with some Kitty Glitter slot games, or even just taunting your furry friend with some digital fish, it looks like your cat will have a very entertaining 2016!

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