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Every day we go out and discover the wide world. We are this world to our pets. Their happiness and health depend entirely on us and how we take care of them.

Every time you leave the house, you will see the sadness in your pet’s eyes, they don’t like being alone and they like to play. The bone you play with is just as fun and the ball doesn’t move as usual. Your pet may get bored and start biting the furniture, for example. That’s no good for anyone.

Unfortunately, this problem is familiar to many pet owners who work full-time or are often away from home.

Petgeek was created with this idea in mind. At petgeek, we combine our love for animals with up-to-date technology to prevent/reduce problems and put pets’ happiness first.

Petgeek focuses on interactive toys for dogs and cats. Our toys are made for maximum fun even when you are away from home. With automatic moves, smells, and sounds, there’s always something to play with, even if you can’t.