Alvin & Mia have put together a special selection of products for fellow felines and their human companies here at Katzenworld.

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Cat Toys:

5 out of 5
£2.99 inc. UK VAT

4cats Toys

4cats Cuddly Knot

£2.75 inc. UK VAT
5 out of 5
£17.50 inc. UK VAT

Cat Accessorry:

Cat Accessories & Care

Jerry’s Designer Cat Food Bowl

£21.00 inc. UK VAT
£45.00 inc. UK VAT

Presents for Cat Lovers:

£9.99 inc. UK VAT £8.99 inc. UK VAT Available at a future date.
£10.00 inc. UK VAT
5 out of 5
£89.99 inc. UK VAT £80.99 inc. UK VAT

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Legami – Meow Correction Tape

£2.99 inc. UK VAT
£14.99 inc. UK VAT
5 out of 5
£6.50 inc. UK VAT

All Product Categories:

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