• Lisa Parker Spirits of Salem Throw

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    From the Magical mind of Fantasy artist Lisa Parker, comes this enchanting throw. Available exclusively through Nemesis Now’s extensive giftware collection, this throw is soft to the touch and perfect for those cold winter nights! Embodying the true spirit of Salem, this jet black witch’s familiar sits above an aged skull. The carving in the skull is a true map of Salem from the times of the harrowing Witch Trials, making this piece even more meaningful than initially perceived. Underneath the cranium is a stack of ancient newspapers, outlining the horror of the trials. Intelligently executed and full of significance, this purse is a perfect reminder of the persecution faced by our elder witches, but through their struggle, we thrive. Not only is this throw suffused with the magic of witchcraft, but is also magically soft, making it perfect for any chair or sofa.

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    Lisa Parker Spirits of Salem Throw

    £39.99 inc. UK VAT

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