Best Buys by London Cat Behaviourist Anita Kelsey

As an accredited cat behaviour consultant I am always on the look out for the best cat toys, climbers, scratch posts and other catty things to ensure our furry bods are well and truly cared for.
Play, especially, has a very important role to uphold when it comes to keeping our cats in tip top condition mentally and physically. Play taps into a cats natural hunting behaviours which helps with stimulation, weight assistance, positive associations and that critical special human to cat bond we all strive for. For in-door cats play is critical to their well being.
All of the products I recommend have been personally tried by me and the many cats I work with. I was very impressed with the 4 cats Valerian toys which were a big hit with my grooming and behaviour moggies.
You can read my blog on the 4 cats Valerian toys HERE and buy them directly from the shop below.
For any cat owner who is dealing with a particular cat issue please feel free to email me on My consultancy is feline specific and all enquires are most welcome. I am available for home consultations all over London and the rest of the UK.
Anita Kelsey
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